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Date: Tuesday Mar 17th 6:30pm

Topic: An Introduction To Data Modeling Techniques in Cassandra

Steve will discuss NOSQL, CAP Theorem, eventual consistency, and data modeling techniques in Cassandra. Following that will be a demonstration of some shell commands to create and query tables. We will discuss wide and narrow rows in Cassandra, storage options, and capacity planning. We will take a brief look at Titan, a graph database that can use Cassandra as a backing store. We will take a look at partition keys, clustering columns, time series data, and how these choices affect the storage and performance of the solution. We will discuss some of the real world challenges that come up, the trade offs associated with materialized views, plus compare and contrast this to a typical relational model. Time permitting we will discuss some real world use cases, and how Nike Social is using Cassandra to meet them.

Speaker: Steve Hall

Steve Hall is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience. Steve is currently a full time engineer with Nike Digital, where he focuses on REST, social networks, and social network integration.


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